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Piaggio Cdi Unit


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This is a genuine PIAGGIO product. Approximate Weight 240g. 584612

How to program the immobiliser unit

  1. It is not possible to re-program an immobiliser unit to a new master key. Once it has been programmed it is irrevocably linked to that master key.
  2. It is not normally possible for an immobiliser to loose it's program and then need re-programming. If it was programmed and working but now it is saying that it is not programmed, First, check the HT lead and plug cap, It is possible that extreme electrical interference from a faulty HT circuit could upset the immobiliser. Plug cap must be at least 5000 ohms. Change the cap and lead if suspect. A resistor plug must be used on all Leader engines. Then try re-programming the immobiliser. If it will not re-program then it is faulty.

Programming a new immobiliser.

  1. Do not attempt to program a new immobiliser until you know that the fault is cured. Attach the new immobiliser, use the service key (not the brown master key) LED will give one long flash then go out and stay out. System is working correctly, Immobiliser is not programmed The engine should start but will not rev above 2000 rpm until the immobiliser is programmed.
  2. To program a new immobiliser
    * Insert the brown master key and turn on for two seconds * Insert the service key and turn on for two seconds
    * (extra service keys are included here)
    - Insert the extra service key and turn on for two seconds * Insert the brown master key and turn on for two seconds
    * The timing of the two seconds can be critical so use a watch to time it, you may need to do the sequence several times before it is accepted. * Changing from one key to the next should be done within ten seconds. *
    * An extra service key is not just added,
    you must go through re-programming all the keys as above.
    You are not re-programming the master key, the master key is giving permission for the
    service keys to be added.
    * You do not need to start the engine just to check if the programming has been successful,
    Just turn on the ignition and watch the LED.

Genuine Piaggio Parts and Accessories

Piaggio boasts a long-standing history in Italian industry and mobility. Back in 1882, Enrico Piaggio opened a factory for the production of naval supplies. This was followed, two years later, by the founding of Piaggio & C by Rinaldo Piaggio, engaged from 1889 in the railways sector.

The company made its début in the aeronautical field in 1916, and after a series of ups and downs, finally approached the world of two-wheeled vehicles. In 1964 the aeronautical (I.A.M. Rinaldo Piaggio) and motorcycle (Piaggio & C.) divisions split to become two independent companies, with the latter paving the way for the birth of Italian mobility, in the wake of the economic boom enjoyed in those years. As from the 1960s, Piaggio began to churn out a series of highly successful products.

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1 Reviews for this product.
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CDI UNIT, SPARES Costly, But Worth It In My Case!:
by : 5/16/2012
I thought long and hard before spending £126 to replace this CDI/Immobiliser unit. I double checked all the voltages at the unit, and found them correct. I examined the pulses that come from the trigger coil in the alternator using an oscilloscope and I could see them, but was not sure they were the right amplitude and shape. I unfortunately couldn't find any information about the correct amplitude and pulse shape on the net. However, I convinced myself that they were about right, and therefore the CDI was faulty, so I ordered one, which arrived quickly and well packed. To be on the safe side, I ordered a replacment HT coil as the primary resistance measured 0.208 ohms, versus the Haynes manual spec of 0.48 to 0.52 ohms. My reasoning was that the coil may have shorted turns on the primary and hence could have damaged the CDI unit, so the £15 spent on a replacement coil would be well spent to avoid damage to a new CDI unit. Thankfully, the new CDI/Immobilser unit cured the problem so the old one must have been defective. The new HT coil went on first, but the bike still refused to start, as expected. Then the new CDI/Immobiliser unit was fitted (unprogrammed, as per the instructions on the A J Sutton page) and using the blue service key, and the bike sprang to life immediately! As it is unprogrammed at that stage, it won't rev above 1,000 rpm or so, but it's enough to tell you the fault is fixed! I then programmed the immobiliser using the Red key, having read the instructions through a couple of times to make sure I got it right, and linked to the service key, and all was well, with the rev range now restored to normal. It's good that someone has thought about being able to test for a defective CDI/Immobiliser unit by allowing an unprogrammed one to work to a limited rev range. If the bike had still remained unable to start with the new CDI/Immobilser fitted, I theoretically could have recovered the cost of the unit by being able to return or resell or re-use the still unprogrammed new unit. I guess A J Sutton wouldn't have taken it back as it had been fitted, but the re-sell or re-use options would have been there. This feature is presumably not simply that of A J Suttons CDI/Immobiliser unit, as this is a genuine manufacturers replacement part, so it really shows forethought by Piaggio. However, credit is due to A J Sutton for having the fitting instructions there on the web page for you to read, such that you know you have this feature before you stump up and buy the unit! Finally, I will say the local bike shop was pretty unhelpful, saying that the CDI/Immobiliser units very rarely went wrong, and they couldn't give me a price for one either. So hopefully, this review will inform someone that they can, and do, go wrong, and if you've double checked all the voltages and wiring and found it correct, you'll probably need to buy one. But just in case, when you fit the new one, don't use the red key on first test, leave it unprogrammed until you've got it running!
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